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Have you or someone in your family been hurt in a car accident? Are you worried about how you’ll manage the medical bills and other costs that come with it? Or maybe you’re feeling the impact of the accident in more ways than one, like dealing with pain and emotional distress?

At Solorzano Law Firm, we understand what you’re going through. We’re not just another law firm; we’re here to lend a helping hand when you need it most. With offices in Phoenix and Gilbert, we’re right in your community, ready to support you through this tough time.

When representing people injured in car crashes, we’ve got the expertise you need. Our team of attorneys has been working with personal injury victims for over a decade, providing top-notch legal representation every step of the way. We’ve learned what works through hard work and dedication; our track record speaks for itself.

We know how scary and painful it can be to deal with the aftermath of an accident. That’s why we’re here to ease your mind and guide you through the process. From the moment the accident happens until you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses, we’ll be by your side, answering your questions and offering support every step. In the unfortunate event of auto accidents, having a trusted personal injury representative in Phoenix on your side can make all the difference in obtaining fair compensation.

Cases We Specialize In

  • Airbag Injuries
  • Head On Collisions
  • Construction Zone Auto Accident
  • Defective Tires
  • Drunk Driver
  • Hit and Run Accident
  • Government Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorhome Accident
  • Passenger Injury Accident
  • Side Impact Accident
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Rear-end Accident
  • Texting and Driving Accident
  • Taxi Cab Accidents
  • Whiplash Injury
  • Uber/Lyft Accident
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What should you do if you get hurt in a car accident?

Trusted Phoenix Car Accident Attorney

If you find yourself injured in a car accident, whether you are driving, a passenger, or simply walking, try to keep calm. Take a moment to assess what happened and the extent of your injuries, and check on others involved. If there are injuries, call 911 or ask someone nearby to do so. Let the dispatcher know if an ambulance might be needed.

  • When the police arrive, share your perspective on what occurred if you can. As the law requires, they’ll document the details in an accident report. This report could be crucial if your case ends up in court.
  • Gathering contact information from witnesses and the drivers involved is also essential.
  • Seek medical attention promptly, preferably within the next day, even if you’re not feeling much pain. Some injuries, like concussions or whiplash, might not show up immediately.
  • Once your immediate medical needs are addressed, notify your insurance company about the accident.
  • Contact the Solorzano Law Firm Team to talk to a seasoned personal injury lawyer who can guide you through the legal process.

In addition to knowing what to do, it’s crucial to know what not to do. We advise against speaking to the other driver’s insurance company without consulting your attorney first. Direct them to your lawyer if they contact you about the accident or your injuries.

Why It Is Important to Retain an Attorney Quickly?

As a car accident attorney, my work doesn’t involve filing a lawsuit. It starts with understanding the details of the accident and determining who’s responsible. Sometimes, this involves bringing in an accident reconstruction expert to piece together what happened. I might also connect you with doctors who can help with your injuries. The longer you wait to reach out to me after the accident, the more likely it is that crucial information might slip away and memories fade, which could make winning your case more challenging. So don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible.

What if I am Partially at Fault?

Let’s talk about comparative negligence. Picture this: Two drivers are on the road, and they both play a part in causing the accident. Maybe one’s trying to change lanes improperly while the other is speeding and attempting to pass on the right. It’s clear that both share some blame.

In Arizona, we follow a pure comparative fault system, which means if you’re found partly responsible for the accident, your compensation gets reduced by the jury’s percentage of fault assigned to you. So even if you’re more to blame than the other driver, you can still seek damages as long as they’re also at fault. Our experts will dig into the details, gather witness statements, assess road conditions, and look at other relevant evidence to determine fault. The bottom line: being partly at fault doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when getting compensation in Arizona.

Why Choose the Solorzano Law Firm Team for My Car Accident Case?

At Solorzano Law Firm, we’re not just a team; we’re a group of seasoned legal professionals with decades of experience. We specialize in personal injury cases and pride ourselves on consistently achieving outstanding results for our clients. While not every case ends up in court, having a skilled trial lawyer by your side significantly boosts the chances of reaching a favorable settlement.

If your case does go to trial, rest assured that Jonathan Solorzano and our entire team are prepared to go the distance. We’ll put in the hard work and expertise necessary to ensure you receive top-notch legal representation and the best possible outcome.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, reach out to Jonathan at the Solorzano Law Team. He’ll sit down with you for a free consultation, giving you a chance to experience firsthand our dedication and commitment to our clients.